1. It’s a new school session so you get to change rooms and get assigned new roommates.

New session, who this?

2. So you pray to God and ask for good roommates.

God abeg!

3. When you meet them and think you’ll be good friends.

Correct people.

4. When they start ‘borrowing’ your slippers and shoes without asking after only three weeks.

Because I’m telling you ordinary good morning?

5. When you found out that you can’t even play with them.

Somebody cannot touch your bed again?

6. When you get back after a long day and find out they’ve eaten the food you’ve been dreaming of eating all day.

We’re going to kill ourselves today.

7. When you just want to sleep on your soft bed but come back to see their friends jumping on it.


8. When you’re single to stupor and they bring their boy/girlfriend and start getting on some serious PDA action.

Unfortunate children!

9. When they never do any chore but complain about everywhere being dirty.

Na wa o.

10. When you mistakenly lose your key and have to wait for them everytime.

Na me mess up sha.

11. When your really preachy roommate feels they can be your school pastor just like that.

Sorry o, I didn’t know you also doubled as the P.A to angel Gabriel.

12. When everyone else in the room forms a clique and you’re the only one left out like…

I’m not crying, pepper entered my eye.

13. How your roommates be like when you ask them if they saw something you lost.


14. When one of them likes to give instructions on how they want things in the room to be done.


15. When one of your roommates is out cheating on their significant other and you have to lie for them.

Who sent me message?

16. When they tell you they don’t have money to buy Morning Fresh for the kitchen but come back home with new shoes and the latest Play Station.

Let’s not be unfortunate please.

17. When they start talking about the good times you guys shared together.

Tears of frustration.

18. You, when the session finally comes to an end.

Hay Thank God!


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