1. Who said Nigerian men can’t play with colours abeg?

2. Just look at all those layers.

3. Noble Igwe, slaying on behalf of every Igbo man out there.

4. How you look when you only came to slay.

5. Too yummy!

6. Of course, RMD looks absolutely dapper in Agbada.

7. This super cute baby.

8. When you’re adorable and you know it.

9. When the Agbada washes away all your demon traits.

10. This boys is like “Check out that carton of Ribena”.

11. Let’s get married please.

12. When you have to work and slay at the same time.

13. When your agbada goes to study abroad.

14. When you like to keep things simple but on point!

15. Look at this creamy goodness!

16. When Ebuka brought his Igbo swag and nailed it.

17. When you and the squad come together to serve awesomeness.

Featured image credit: Pinterest


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