1. You, everytime you think of going to the salon.

See stress o!

2. The most perfect way to describe your hair:

Something from the evil forest.

3. When people tell you to make your hair.

Face your front…

4. When you remember it’s wash day

Someone will start scratching my head any how now.

5. You and wigs:

Together forever!

6. When someone says they make their hair every week.

See this one.

7. When someone wants to start judging you for carrying your braids for only 3 months

Is it your hair though?

8. When you meet those “aunty come and make your hair” people at Ikeja Underbridge.

Please gerrarahere!

9. When the hairstylist at the salon wants to do one million braids on your head.

Girl if you don’t!

10. When someone offers to make your hair for free.

I’m not doing o, God forbid!

11. When you finally vex and cut your hair

Gorimapa for life!


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