1. This fail of an outfit.

2. What you get when your tail says “Aunty I fit sew am”.

3. But why?

Nigerian Tailor Will Promise You Gown..

But Then Sew You Superman Jacket.. pic.twitter.com/JacZNN3Tw0 — Brighter Days??… (@OneXMind) January 18, 2017

4. Hay God!

You Expect Nigerian Tailor To Deliver You Fit Cloth Like That Of Michelle Obama

But Nigerian Tailor Thinks Iya Basirat Cloth Best Suits You pic.twitter.com/LjNKhxYJGJ — Brighter Days??… (@OneXMind) January 18, 2017

5. Is it by force though?

6. This struggle off-the-shoulder dress.

7. Na wa o!

8. This awful copy.

9. And this travesty of a jumpsuit.

10. This disaster of a wedding dress.


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