1. How you feel when you wake up in the morning:

Can I just lie here forever and not go anywhere?

2. You trying to decide what to do to your hair:

Do I pack it? Twist it? Roll it?

3. When you’ve used every hair product you own but the thing just won’t cooperate:

But why are you doing me like this?!!

4. So you decide to just cover the hair with scarf.

Lemme just jejely tie turban.

5. You start to think of styles you can tie:

Do I tie it to the front, the side or the back? Do I leave my hair out? Or should I just cover the whole thing?

6. You when somebody asks why you’re covering your head:

Is it your consign?

7. And when people start to ask you when you’re making your hair:

It’s MY HAIR! I will make it when I make it.

8. How you walk into the salon to get your hair done:

Please! Save me!!

9. When the hairdresser gets your style:

Can I kiss you?

10. You when you leave the salon:

Yaas beeches! I’m now ready for y’all.

Hair has wahala sha, particularly black hair, and this next post is proof:



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