If you don’t know what the Mannequin challenge is by now, you’re officially a LASTMA official. Anyway, because we’re nice, you can get a little crash course on the mannequin challenge here.

1. This really lit video from the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Team.

2. When the internet blessed us with one of the most powerful videos ever!

3. This grandpa is the MVP!

4. These adorable dogs slaying the mannequin challenge.

5. These 4-year-olds and their cute attempt at the mannequin challenge.

6. MI and Chocolate City’s hilarious take.

7. How your grandma turns up at an Owambe.

8. IJGB Nigerians, when Donald Trump won the elections.

9. That time the people at Pulse were not disgracing Nigerians with their yeye questions.


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