According to the Zikoko Bureau of Statistics, we have an average of 15 public holidays in a year. However, we’re not satisfied with that number that’s clearly too small. Here are some suggestions we have for notable days that can become public holidays. 

The day Jollof rice  was invented 

Jollof rice is a very integral part of our culture and tradition as Nigerians. It’s important we dedicate a day to simply enjoying and appreciating the greatness that is Nigerian Jollof. 

Days that start with “T” 

T sounds like tea. Tea means gossip. Every day that starts with T should be declared the National Day for Information Spread. People might call it amebo, but that’s their business. We need to stay informed as a people. 

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Nigeria’s birthday

Independence days shouldn’t be the only thing celebrated. The day Nigeria was created should also be a public holiday. For so long Nigeria hasn’t had a birthday party. We think that should change.  

The day India played Nigeria 99-1 

Everyone has heard the legend of how India scored 99 goals against Nigeria in the World Cup, and the Nigerian team did all they could to score the all-important one goal. The story embodies Nigerians tenacity and positive mentality in the face of adversity, and we think it should be further immortalised by public holiday. 

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As a Nigerian, you’ve suffered enough. Everyday should be a public holiday. No need for excuses. Let’s just rest. 

President’s birthday 

Depending on how well or how terribly they’ve done, we could either spend the public holiday throwing them a parade or throwing tomatoes at them. Either way, we’d be bonding as a country. 

Public holidays in other African countries 

How else will we boost African unity if we don’t celebrate one  another’s public holidays? 

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