As the pound rate rises, we need new and innovative ways to keep up. Learning to vomit pounds is simply the first step in creating generational wealth, and we’re here to teach you how. 

Vomit naira first

When it comes to vomiting foreign currency, you first need to learn how to vomit the local one. If you can’t vomit naira, how will pounds pass your throat?

Go on a diet 

The pounds needs space to grow in your stomach. If your stomach is full of foods like semo and fufu, where will the pounds stay? 

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Lubricate your throat 

Pounds is not easy to vomit, so your throat needs to be well lubricated. You can ask a Yoruba man what he uses to lubricate his mouth before he lies. Maybe it’ll work for you. 

Swallow all the things used to print money

If you swallow the paper, ink and other materials for printing money, it’ll mix in your stomach, and when you vomit, you’ll vomit pounds. This is simple logic. Just shake your body after swallowing all these things so they can mix properly.  

Become an intern for an ATM 

What vomits money better than ATMs? Nothing! That’s why if you want to become skilled in the art of pounds vomiting, you should study how an ATM operates. You need to learn from the master. 

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Never close your mouth 

They say a closed mouth is a closed destiny, and they’re right. If your mouth is constantly closed, the poundss can’t come out. 

Swallow pounds 

If you swallow pounds, the seed will germinate in your stomach and you’ll vomit even more than you swallowed. If you need help with this act, find the snake that swallowed ₦36 million. It knows how swallowing currency works. 

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