Having your best friend move to a different city may not be the end of the world, but it could be the end of that friendship.

So instead of dealing with the stress of distance-induced friendship heartbreak, here are some things you can do:

Ask them to swear

They always say they won’t forget you but don’t take their word for it; ask them to swear on their unborn child’s edges. They’ll have no choice but to remain besties with you because they can’t risk their children walking around looking like a rat ate their baby hairs…

Send them pictures

This is perfect for people with different time zones. Send them a selfie before they wake up because your beautiful face needs to be the first thing they see before they start their day.  

Disturb them with memes

They already have to live with the darkness and void that comes with being away from you, and you need to remind them that you’re the source of their happiness.   

Become their personal amebo radio station

You owe it to your friend to keep them updated on the lives of everyone they’ve left behind. And what’s a better activity than gossiping giving unsolicited commentary on the drama in other people’s lives?  

Try virtual movie dates 

If you want the relationship to last, you must be intentional. Sacrifice a little data, and block out a time of the day to watch a movie together with your friend. 

Surprise them

Take note of the days that are important to them, and do something special for them. It could be as little as a heartfelt text or as much as money. Even though there’s a high chance they have more than you, you need to remind them that you care about their special days and you’re looking out for them.

Go and meet them

You love them, but you’re okay with them living miles apart? Chelsea, come on now. You better go online to buy the next ticket to wherever they are. Don’t worry about money; your love should be the currency you pay with. And if love is not enough, you can quickly meet your Edo friend to borrow their broom. 

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Manifest it

Do you not know the power of manifestation? Get a piece of paper with your names and bond them to you forever. You’re welcome.

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Trust us, your friend would want you to be here



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