The Super Eagles of Nigeria are set to battle the Black Stars of Ghana over a two-legged tie between 25th–29th March 2022, for a ticket to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Here’s how we can qualify without stress.

1) Refuse Buhari’s Call

The last time Buhari called, we lost. Now, they shouldn’t even mention his name near the field. If he calls, let it ring. They can call him back after the they’ve won. 

2) Invoke the angels from Africa 

This may be a bit tricky since we’re invoking angels from Africa against another African country, but it’s first come first served: whoever calls upon the angels first will enjoy their services. So if we’ve not began summoning, we should start now. 

3) Seize all the eggs in Ghana 

If we seize all the eggs in Ghana, we can demand that the country forfeits the match. With the way Ghanaians love eggs, they’ll give into our demands in less than an hour. 

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4) Print our own qualification certificate

Cyber cafes are plenty and printers are not scarce. If we print  our own certificate, the FIFA  has to accept it. Do they know who we are?

5) Dust Ghana in the qualifiers 

Obviously, the most straightforward path to qualify for the World Cup is to beat Ghana on the pitch.  

6) Legwork practice

Football players need strong legs, and what better way to strengthen your legs than to legwork? Three hours of legwork is enough to give our football players strong legs and prevent injuries. 

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7) Jollof rice cooking competition

We need to convince the federation that the match needs to leave the field and enter the kitchen. Nigerian jollof is superior and a jollof competition will easily secure Nigeria a win. 

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