In 2020 we published a comprehensive guide on the places to find a sugar daddy in Nigeria. Now that you’ve found one, what next? This article is a guide on the qualities to look out for.

1) He sleeps/attempts to sleep with only one of your friends

All because he’s a thoughtful person who doesn’t want to embarrass you in public.

2) He asks God for forgiveness immediately after every round of sex

Because he’s actually God-fearing uno?

3) He does only one round of sex

Because he understands that your body is a temple and he treats it as such.

4) He doesn’t fornicate on Sundays

This is where he draws the line.

5) He under promises and over delivers

You: Will I have a good time?

Sugar daddy: I’ll try my best.


They had a hell of a good time.

6) He allows you sleep off on his arm

Younger men left the chat.

7) He lives up to the “sugar” in his name

Anything you want, he buys it.

8) He’s honest about his wife’s ability to fight and beat you up

“Kikelomo, my wife can fight. If you ever see her in public, start running oh.”

9) He doesn’t lie about leaving his wife for you

Everyone is aware that they are here for a good time and not a long time.

10) He’s honest about which holidays you get to spend with him

“Asake, Christmas and New Year is for the family but I’ll spend Children’s day and Independence day with you.”



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