There is, I have-just-100k-in-my-account broke, and then there’s the full-blown Sapadenmic situation. For the latter, you’re bound to find these 8 types of people.

1. The motivational speakers

Set awon “tough times never last but tough people do.” It doesn’t hurt to be optimistic in a Sapadenmic sha.

2. The sad ones

These ones can just burst into tears while washing the plate they used to drink Garri. If you see them, just press urgent 2k into their hands.

3. The angry ones

Their body peppers them once there’s no money. In fact, everybody should getat. *bangs door*

4. The budgeter

These ones can write lists and scale of preference for Africa before getting the money, but end up spending impulsively. Within three hours, fiam! they’ve blown 200k. Coconut head.

5. The extra nice ones

Motto: you never know who’s your destiny helper. Let that money enter their hand first, you will see shege.

6. The singers

It’s only when these people are broke that they remember their worship playlist. Google, play “Then Sings My Soul“, maybe money will fall from Heaven.

7. The Ultimate Searchers

They search every nook and cranny of the house, clothe pockets, bags and even wastebin for money they did not keep a.k.a miracle money. Guilder Ultimate Search no do pass this one.

8. The nonchalant ones

To them, problem no dey finish, so why not use the last 1k to eat away your sorrow?


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