8 Different Types of Resting Face

March 25, 2020

Different Types of Resting Face

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you definitely heard of Resting Bitch Face. Hell, you might even be one of the few people cursed to walk the Earth looking like they’ll throat-punch anyone that tries talking to them. But did you know that there are different types of resting face?

Yes, chile. Turns out that you’re not the only one who goes about looking like they’re defined by just one emotion. Here’s a list of 8 different types of resting face.

1) Resting Stank Face

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They look like they’re constantly smelling a terrible fart or they’re thoroughly disgusted by everything around them at all times.

2) Resting Side-Eye Face

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They constantly look like they’re giving everyone and everything a strong look of disapproval or contempt. Don’t take it personally.

3) Resting Eye Roll Face

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They always look like they just witnessed or heard something that’s either an obvious lie or something that has left them frustrated or irritated.

4) Resting Nice Face

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People with this usually radiate positive energy because they look like that baby sun from the beginning of every Teletubbies episode. Unlike the others on this list, their inner feelings always match their facial expressions so they make amazing friends.

5) Resting Happy Face

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If you’re wondering what the difference is between this and Resting Nice Face, it’s that people with Resting Happy Face are usually serial killers. No one, I repeat, NO ONE can comfortably look happy all the time unless they have literal skeletons in their closet. Trust me on this.

6) Resting Sad Face

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Even though they always look like they’re going through a heartbreak, just know that they’re ok. Don’t stress.

7) Resting Confused Face

Think of the facial expression you’d have if you were forced to watch a Bollywood drama with no subtitles. That look is their default.

8) Resting Zoned Out Face

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The facial expression a friend or smoking buddy would have after they’ve taken a few puffs of the weed but forget to pass it because they’re mentally on their way to Wonderland.

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Different Types of Resting Face

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