So you want to win the heart of a Port Harcourt person? Love is a beautiful thing. As much as people deny it, everybody wants to fall in love and feel butterflies in their stomach. Even Port Harcourt people want to feel bees in theirs.

It might not be easy to win a Port Harcourt person’s heart, but with the tips in this article, you’ll sweep them off their feet.

1. Buy them a gun

How can you say you love a Port Harcourt person and you haven’t bought them at least one tiny pistol to be carrying around? Is that one love or deception?

2. Give them alcohol for breakfast

If you can get kai-kai or ogogoro to their doorstep by 5:30 a.m. every morning they’ll know you value them. Port Harcourt people don’t use toothpaste to brush; alcohol is a better mouth cleanser.

3. Allow them visit Casablanca

There is love, and then there’s allowing your partner go to Casablanca to do whatever they like. What happens in Casablanca stays in Casablanca.

4. Give them bole whenever they visit

Image result for bole and fish

Don’t make the mistake of giving them bole and groundnut. They will take it as an affront and declare war on you and your family. Give them fish. Bole and roasted fish. Don’t forget the ogogoro.

5. Join their cult

Take your love to the next level by joining their cult. This is how they’ll know you’re serious.

6. Call them abobi

“Abobi” in the ears of a Port Harcourt person is like “Destroy the future of this nation” in the ears of Buhari. It turns them on.

7. Sharpen their axe for them

Imagine them getting home and seeing all their axes and cutlasses sharpened. They can marry you on the spot.

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