As a Nigerian, sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are in the best country in the world.

1) We have delicious suya and kilishi

Regulate open grazing? No. Ban Twitter? Yes. Ban Cryptocurrency? Yes. Why? Because Suya and Kilishi >>>>> Technological advancement. It’s quite simple really.

2) “Over raw” best in world rankings

When they want to rank terrorism, poverty, insecurity, Nigeria is among the countries at the top. Nobody does it like Nigeria. We just keep collecting “over raw best ear and dere”.

3) We have jollof rice

In the great West African Jollof wars, Nigeria always comes out tops. It does not matter that a bag of rice and minimum wage are dragging price, or that inflation has affected the cost of the ingredients you will use to cook the rice. The important thing is our jollof rice is the best. Maybe it is because of how expensive it is to make.

4) Nigerians are funny people

Nigeria is blessed with some of the funniest people in the world, and it’s one of the things that makes Nigeria such a great country. The citizens have realised that peacefully protesting can get you shot and your talking about it online can get the app suspended, so why not just crack jokes. Funny is our passion.

live footage of Nigerians when Nigeria starts Nigerianing

5) Our legwork is unmatched

Having to deal with bad roads everyday has really given our legs the strength of “zhe Black Panther”. No surprise that our country has produced some of the best versions of legwork known to mankind. Up Naija!

6) Best in Entertainment

Yes, our film and music sector are amazing, but the bulk of our entertainment comes from the government. Nobody does entertainment like Nigerian leaders. Fainting Ministers and singing senators. Plus the wrestling matches held in the House.

7) Public holidays galore

Whoever complains about the amount of public holidays we have in Nigeria has bad vibes. Why give your staff liveable wages, health insurance, and a mentally conducive environment when you can just give them one public holiday a month?

Nigerians after enjoying their fifteen public holidays

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