Hearing your parents tell you they love you seems nice, but you sometimes need to work for their extra love, before they give it to other people. Here are a few perfect ways to get your Nigerian parents to love you more.

1. Get married

Nothing proves that you love your parents more than getting married and leaving their house. Taking your wahala off their shoulders is a premium example of how much you love them. They’ll love you more than you can imagine, once you leave their house.

2. Give them grandchildren

We don’t care if you pluck the grandchild or grandchildren off the tree, just find a way to give them babies. Nigerian babies love grandchildren more than anything. They might not love you as much as they’ll love your child, they’ll sha love you more than they previously did.

3. Know their passwords by heart

Nigerian parents were not designed to remember passwords, that’s just how God made them. They’ll give their last dime and all their love to you if you remember their passwords more than you remember your own name. It’s better you turn your heart into a password saving unit.

4. Help them fix their phones

Truly, all you need to do is help them fix their WhatsApp and you have won the ultimate prize of most loved. Sacrificing time out of your busy day to teach them how to create a WhatsApp group is God-level love. If they still don’t love you after this, it means they have no intention of loving you.

5. Move out of their house

Nigerian parents are the real definition of ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’. They always behave as though your presence annoys them. Move out of the house for them, so they can love you more.

6. Get a high paying job

Whatever you do is entirely up to you. Just make sure you get a job that’ll make you rich enough to get respected and loved. Nigerian parents love money more than anything, and they’ll love you once you have money.


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