Oversabi is a terrible thing. Body fitness is a great thing to desire, but when people begin to turn workout sessions into lowkey punishment sessions, that’s where to draw the line. What happened to the good old sit-ups and push-ups?

Here’s a list of the most terrible exercises that’ll make your body wonder if you’re working out or practicing self-immolation.

1. Burpees

Burpees should never be considered as “part of a workout schedule”. This is a whole workout schedule on its own, after which you cannot function for 72 hours. It’s like the person who invented it was trying to create new punishments and then someone saw him and just decided he was working out, so they decided to carry it on.

2. Planks

The real torture is when you have to do your countdown by yourself. You’ll be counting sixty seconds and it would be as if you’re counting sixty years. As a personal rule, I never do planks in public because that upper arm jiggle when you’re about to give up the ghost can be embarrassing.

3. Single leg squats

My knees hurt just from looking at this picture. Genuine question: Are some workouts for bodybuilding or just for showing off? Because what will one-legged squats do that two-legged squats cannot do? Are you not going to end up doing the other leg? What’s all this stress?

4. Bench dips

Wait. Is this man not trying to build his arms and his chest? What happened to normal pushups? Oversabi is really not good. I saw this online, so I decided to try it. Let’s just say my arms haven’t been as functional as they normally would be. God forbid.

5. Spiderman push-ups

Even Spiderman doesn’t this so I’m wondering who sent you people message.

6. Lunges

AKA “I don’t want to feel my thighs and my waist for the next two weeks”. Please just stick to squats.



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