If for any reason whatsoever, you need to end things with your Nigerian girlfriend (and I’m sure there are plenty of reasons. Nigerian women: I fear who no fear dem), I’ve compiled a list of handy excuses you can use to terminate your love affair with a Nigerian woman.

If she touches your bald head

This is clearly a sign that she does not respect you. Is she your mate? Break up with her.

If she fries 4 eggs at a time

This is a sign that she does not know how to manage resources. Break up with her.

Your pastor said you should break up with her

Who are you to go against the word of God? You can even use the following lines to make the process easier: “I love you but God loves me most” “It’s not you, it’s God.”

couple arguing

If they only give you one meat.

This is another sign of disrespect. Does she not know that you’re a red cap chief?

If they eat out of your plate

Growing up in Nigeria

Personally, this is my favourite one because every single one of them are guilty of this. Break up with all of them.

Your sugar mummy doesn’t like her

You’re a benefit boy and you don’t want the benefits to stop, so you have to agree. Sorry to her.

If she farts

It smells like acid. Is she trying to kill you? Break up with her.

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