Do you feel unexcited about Christmas because of the tiring visitors and house chores that come with it? Or are you the last born in your family dreading the heap of plates you’ll have to wash?

We feel your pain. Which is why we’ve compiled all the easy ways you can escape the clutches of house chores this Christmas period.

1. Eat out

This is hands down the easiest solution. Why stress yourself cooking, sweating and serving when you can just outsource it at a restaurant?

2. Burn the Christmas food

The less delicious it is, the lesser the chances of visitors asking for extra food will be. Which in turn would mean less plates for you to wash.

3. Pay others a visit

Wear your Christmas cloth and pay other family and friends a visit. It’s not your own house people will turn to a restaurant.

4. Turn your house to a fellowship ground

Anybody that visits you thinking they’ll come and eat and clean mouth will be in for a shocker. Eat in secret, then launch a series of intensive prayer sessions when they arrive. No one will tell them to take their leave.

5. Tell everyone you’ve travelled

And if they see you outside on Christmas Day, just say their eyes must be playing tricks on them.

6. Reuse one plate for everyone

For this to work, visitors have to wait for each other to finish eating before you dish food for the next person. If anyone complains, show them the door.

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