5 Games Perfect For Ruining Friendships On Game Night

December 13, 2018

Like Jumanji, there are certain games that contain magic and are inherently evil. These games have the uncanny ability to produce nothing but anger, frustration, and misery amongst friends and family, leading to the complete destruction of relationships you once thought would be always and forever. Here are 5 of those games.

1) Monopoly

A board game with a runtime seemingly never less than 6 hours, Monopoly brings out the absolute worst in every single player. Your inner sadist grows stronger whenever you already own all the houses but refuse to end the game even though everyone else is broke.


Also, those times when you’re broke and you steal from the bank instead of just giving up, that’s your inner degenerate rearing its head. It’s amazing how people include Monopoly in game nights and expect the night to not end with a shouting match.

2) Scrabble

Imagine you’re playing the game with a friend while other friends watch. It’s your turn and even though you’ve gone through your available letter tiles countless times, you can’t come up with a word that’ll give enough points. Your opponent and audience have waited 20 minutes for you and are quickly losing patience. You’re stressed AF because you know that with each passing second, they’re judging the hell out of you and adjusting their opinions of your intelligence. You finally play a basic word (e.g. dog) and someone in the room snickers. Enraged, you throw the nearest wine bottle at the person’s face. There’s blood and broken teeth everywhere. Game night has descended into chaos, and Satan is pleased.


The evil of Scrabble.

3) Whot!

Specifically, the Nigerian multi-player game named General Market. There’s nothing worse than the betrayal you feel when you think you’re about to shut shit down with your last card and then someone you consider a friend (or worse, family) destroys your dreams of being a winner with a barrage of pick 2s, pick 3s, and general markets. Here’s a comic by Twitter user @odimgbeonyeka that illustrates this scenario perfectly.

4) Twister

The one game on this list most likely to end with a sexual harassment lawsuit. Twister’s gameplay involves really close contact with the other players, which is why it’s the perfect game for perverts and the worst kind of torture for people who don’t like to spend time with their face up someone else’s crotch. Group games are supposed to bring friends closer but not literally.  It’s a game, not an orgy.

5) Football Video Games

It always starts out innocently, as a simple 15-minute friendly match and almost always ends with the secrets of the winner being thrown around by the (sore) loser. Check out this interaction I witnessed back in uni:

Player 1 (to opponent): “I gave you 2 goals at the beginning of the match and still won 6-0!”

Player 2 (dropping pad and walking off): “Maybe if you were as good with books as you are soccer, you wouldn’t have at least two extra years in your future.”

Onlookers were like:

Brutal stuff

You’ve been warned, you guys. Stay away from these games if you want to keep the relationships you cherish.

Or play them with friends you want to get rid off.


Your choice.

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