15 Times Nigerian Twitter Understood The Struggle of Losing Your Mumu Button

Mumu button = Manipulation button. Anyone who has yours, can bend you to their will.

1. When you first lie to yourself that you donโ€™t have a mumu button.


2. When your mumu button has already been activated, but you havenโ€™t realized it yet.

3. When you start to see the hints, but youโ€™re still in denial.

4. When it finally hits you that your mumu button is completely gone.


5. When the person that has it hasnโ€™t realised they have it yet.

6. When they figure it out and start doing you anyhow.


7. When the person with your mumu button cheats on you.

Homie: Your girl cheating on u. Me: Where am I going? As per u have told me this wetin I suppose do? Person wey get my mumu button?

โ€” Nigerian God (@Echecrates) October 19, 2015

8. When you realize the person ain’t shit but youโ€™re already stuck.

9. When you canโ€™t tell whether youโ€™re in love or simply insane.


10. When you canโ€™t even vex with them for long.

11. When even long distance canโ€™t save you.

12. When you just want to be free from the bondage.

13. When they try to come back into your life.

14. When they actually succeed in coming back into your life.

15. When you finally collect it back.

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