Memes come in very handy when you are tired of using words to threaten your onigbese. You need to let them be able to visualize how you really feel about their actions and help them feel some shame. Here are some memes you can send to your shameless debtor.

1. Rendered speechless.

Because you are in utter disgust and disbelief that they can continue living life and enjoying themselves while owing you money. They clearly have no shame, they are still going around shining teeth. This meme will help them know you are truly speechless that an onigbese can continue enjoying life.

2. ‘I’ll be your nightmare’.

This meme is definitely going to scare that onigbese, they need to know they’ll soon start seeing you in their dreams if they don’t pay soon enough. 

3. Laughing mysteriously.

Any debtor that doesn’t tremble at the sight of this meme is a superior debtor and should be treated like a criminal. A woman holding a gun and laughing doesn’t seem like a woman that should be messed with. 

4. ‘Confused, annoyed, but maintaining beauty’

Again, you need them to know that you are confused and irritated by their guts. The fact that they continue to live like they are not owing you a lot of money is displeasing you and your homegirls. 

5. ‘Perceives disrespect’.

Send this meme to them every day. Let them know that owing you money is the highest height of disrespect and you can no longer tolerate such.

6. ‘I am not the one you should mess with’.

You don’t need to add any commentary when you send this meme. Send it to them and put it on your WhatsApp status, or any of your stories that they can view. There’s no onigbese that won’t be afraid of this meme.

7. ‘Building irritation’

This meme perfectly sums up how you feel about being owed money for a long time. A shameless onigbese is an irritating person and should be well aware of it. 

8. ‘Trouble has arisen’

You were kuku on your own when they brought their two left legs to borrow money from you. Now it’s time to pay up they are doing shakara for you. You need to send them this meme so they can know that trouble has really arisen.

9. ‘Are you not tired of owing me money?’

This meme is really humble. Only send it when you are genuinely confused and shocked that they have still not paid you your money. This is the meme you send to an employer that has refused to pay you after many months of working with them.

10. ‘How could I do such a mistake’

Only send this meme to your shameless debtor when you need them to know how disappointed you are in them.



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