This is a question that keeps everyone up at night. Why are women obsessed with serial killer documentaries considering most of the victims are women? We did our research and came up with the following reasons: 

It’s soothing

Serial killer documentaries give us a puzzle to solve. And they usually end with some sort of resolution i.e the murderer gets caught and goes to jail, which can be soothing. 

Na past questions 

It helps women plan their own activities. “Which activities?” you may ask. We don’t know. What we do know is you don’t want to get on the bad side of a serial killer documentary addict. 

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It helps us focus on what’s important 

Serial killer documentaries require a lot of focus. You have to follow both the victim and the murderer’s life journeys to understand the moment they intersect. After watching tons of them, best believe your ability to focus on your tasks would be enhanced. This includes daily life tasks like house chores and work duties. 

It helps us think deeper

Serial killer documentaries challenge you to think deeper and read between the lines. This is a very useful skill for every aspect of life. 

It strengthens our third eye 

How else do we know when our partners are cheating? We are able to sense these things beforehand. Call it the third eye, call it spidey senses, the point is we sha know. 

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For stalker tips 

We learn ways to find out how our partners think. Things like stalking their social media, waiting outside their office and hanging around their favourite bar to gather insight you can use to make them your partner. 

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