Bubu and his babes stay doing the absolute most, dragging us and our mental health through the trenches. 

Here are 7 ways to rise above it all and keep the vibes immaculate on those extra bad days. 

Gaslight yourself

Look yourself in the mirror and chant, “I’m a bad bitch” 10 times. Hit your hand on your chest, make a war cry, and carry on with your day.

Make poor financial decisions

Go into the world and spend all the money in your savings. When the money finishes, spend another person’s own, doesn’t matter whose. Just spend like you’re a member of the national assembly.

Sit with your feelings for a total of five seconds

After going bankrupt outside, return to your house and sit in silence for five seconds. Don’t even think about what’s happening. Just count down in your head.

Listen to sad girl music

You might want to expel some negative emotion via your tear ducts or sweat glands. So listen to some sad girl music, lay in bed and weep, or quickly dash to the nearest filling station and back. You might not feel better, but you might find fuel.

Play dress up

You’ve already spent all your money on a new wardrobe, might as well treat yourself and try everything on.

Paint your face

Whether it’s with permanent marker, poster colour or actual makeup, sha paint your face and become the clown Nigeria thinks you are.

Go back to bed

If nothing works, just go back to bed. You can’t be sad in your dreams, can you?

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