Almost every woman I know dislikes periods. Who the hell thought it was a genius idea to install this feature? Here’s a list of things women hate about periods. 

woman holding her stomach in pain

1. Bleeding 

The fact that we are even bleeding at all is already a downer. There is no way up from that. Just spotting for one day would work great at telling us that we are not pregnant. Why must it last for three to seven days? 

2. Pain 

The pain is insane. Some people don’t experience pain during their periods and those ones are God’s favourites. Some start experiencing pain when they cross a certain age. Either way, bad idea. 

3. Anal cramps

As I grew older, I noticed that anal cramps came with my period. If you have never experienced it, it’s as bad as it sounds. Doctors say it’s because hormones that cause your muscles to contract are released while you bleed. Again, I say, bad idea!  

4. Shit

Literal shit! During periods, women develop diarrhoea because of the same hormones that cause abdominal and anal cramps. It also makes the poop looser than usual. My question is why? Why is this part necessary?

5. Mood swings

Another part that is unnecessary is the mood swings. The day before my period and the day the period starts are usually the most intense for me. Crying because I saw two goats fighting is no fun. 

6. Acne 

I always know I am on my period when I see one erring pimple at the corner of my mouth or eyebrow or even nose. Other times, in between my eyebrows or on my chin so you can see how ridiculous it all is. 

7. Why does it exist?

Why do I have to bleed every month to prove that I am not pregnant when I am an innocent baby girl? Sometimes I wish I could riot. 

8. We still have to show up to do this thing called life.

I think this is the worst part for me. Why do I still have to show up at work or school? Women should get period days off. That’s a fight I’m willing to get behind. 

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