Using a cab service as a Nigerian woman seem to be an extreme sport. From drivers who try to touch you to those who try to harm you because “tHey hAvE yOuR tYpE aT hOmE,”women have been through it all. These five women in the city’s capital share their worst cab ride experience. 


I ordered a ride and when the driver came, I greeted him and put on my earphones for the duration of the trip. After the trip ended, I was met with a furious driver who insisted I ignored him throughout the trip because I felt I was better than him. WTF?


I went to hang out at Calypso Garden. I ordered an uber from Utako. It was a cash trip. When I got to my destination, the total bill was 350 naira cause I had a promo. I wanted to do a transfer but the driver refused. Honestly, I had zero cash on me. I didn’t mind waiting till the transcation was successful, but the driver said 350 naira was too small for me to do transfer. When things got too heated, I tried to come down and this man almost slapped me. 


This happened last year. I sat at the back of a cab I ordered. I started hearing quiet moaning from the driver. When I looked over, I saw him stroking his penis with his left hand while steering with his right. This was a ride from Logkogoma to Wuye. Why did he feel comfortable doing this with a passenger in the back seat? The only other time I’ve seen something like this was on Twitter when a driver with his dick out kept touching a girl as she recorded him. His name is Samuel, I can never forget.


From the moment I ordered the cab, I should have known he was a twat. He kept shouting at me over the phone asking for directions. I told him to follow the map because I didn’t know the area too well. This man finally found me. I tried to get into the back seat, but it was locked. The driver suggested I sat in front. I insisted on the back seat. Throughout the trip, the driver was just mumbling and hissing. This man used the trip to stay in a long queue for fuel. When he missed a turn to my location, he suggested that I just walk the remaining distance back since it wasn’t too far.


My cab driver took me to a different destination and when I confronted him, he told me that it was something I walk to from where he stopped me. It was night and I was afraid because of thieves. I begged this man to just take me further and he refused. It was a card trip so when he ended it, I got debited. This man just left me stranded. Ended up having to call my friend to come and pick me up to his estate. Even when I made a report, the service providers did nothing about it. 


It was a Friday night, I ordered a taxi and put it on a cash trip. I got to my destination in Wuse, told him I was going to make a transfer. He grumbled for a while before giving me his account number, complaining that people have scammed him. I told him I didn’t have any cash on me, so there was no way else to pay him. Besides Bolt has said we should make cashless trips for safety purposes, based on Corona.

I made a transfer, showed him the debit text and also my bank statement. About 20 mins later, I got two missed calls from him, insulting me that I was a prostitute that showed him a fake transfer message. He said he was a Benin man and no one could run away with his money, he was going to trace me back to my house. He must have seen the alert because I didn’t see him at my place. 

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