What the Hell Was Rihanna Thinking?

January 27, 2016

Yesterday, Rihanna posted a picture on her Twitter apparently listening to her eagerly-awaited album ANTI.

We promise we’re not throwing shade but Rihanna looks like she has questions…

1. Why doesn’t Rihanna look impressed? Did the album not tap?

2. Is she asking herself if she should have asked Adele to feature on one track?

3. Or maybe she’s asking herself if she was truly invited to Toolz’s wedding.

4. Perhaps she’s asking herself if she can get into the headphone business and clean out like Dr Dre.

5. Maybe, just maybe, she’s asking herself how her Nigerian fans will afford her album at N300 to the Dollar.

6. Could Donald Trump actually become the President of America?”. If so, will she be deported?

7. Or could she be wondering if Arsene Wenger will EVER buy a striker?

8. It’s possible she’s wondering if Lil’ Kesh should actually have won the Next Rated award at the Headies.

9. Or could it be that she’s wondering if she got some of Dasuki’s money by mistake?

Whatever it is sha, we’re eagerly awaiting this album. Hopefully, it’s amazing.

So what do you think Rihanna is asking herself in this picture?

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