1. Para-venture

The sentence doesn’t even make sense.

2. Revert Back

Almost as irritating as ‘reverse back’.

3. Fingers

And in case you didn’t realise, ‘fingers’ in this case means ‘calls out’  or ‘names’.

4. Flays/Flayed

What are you people flaying?!

5. Penetrate

Stop. Please stop.

6. Defiled

Do they not realise ‘defile’ is a synonym for ‘rape’??

7. On Seat

Bruhhh… do they mean ‘present’ or ‘available’?

8. Left No Stone Unturned

All this big grammar sha…

9. Feedbacks (sometimes written as feed-backs, as if that makes it better)

Da fuq?

10. Severally

What they mean is multiple times…

11. Out To Destroy

Always going for the over dramatic.

12. Lambasts

What happened to ordinary ‘criticize’?

13. Impregnate

Nigerian journalists can’t go a day without this word.


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