Africans naturally love to turn up and dance to really good music. Cool DJs like DJ Xclusive, DJ Spinall, DJ Uhuru among others are known for dropping beats hotter than Monday morning moi moi.

This three year old South African boy has joined the league of extraordinary people on the wheels of steel.

DJ Arch Jr was barely two years old and had been playing with a music mixing app on an iPad when his father observed the perfect timing of the song changes. His mother recorded videos of him mixing songs, while his father mentored him and helped him count the timing properly.

He won the just concluded South Africa’s Got Talent competition and is currently the youngest DJ in the world.

A viral video of him mixing songs in his diapers broke the internet earlier this year. He is very talented and seems to really enjoy mixing music immensely.

Watch his performance at the finale of South Africa’s Got Talent.

He only plays at events for young children, has his own fan page and is the cutest DJ ever.


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