A good number of things don’t add up in Nigeria. Social systems don’t work and maintenance of physical structures is a myth, but we at least thought we had gotten somewhere with the ease of carrying out transactions over the internet. More than 1.85 million students applied to write the UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exams)  in 2016, but the process remains crude.

This clip from a concerned Twitter user tells its own story

The people of Borno are still recovering from the horrors of the Boko Haram sect. Why should they go through any of this?

It really doesn’t make sense that the Ministry of Education and JAMB(Joint Administration and Matriculation Board) don’t give top priority to students from the conflict-affected states in the North. For one, these kids have been forced to abandon their studies for years, surely the least we can do for them is make the learning process easier for them?

The process of applying for and getting the JAMB form needs to be a lot easier for students nationwide.

Is this really how JAMB officers do this thing? Turn form into petrol?

The crudeness of the whole process is just galling.

So it’s not only Borno? Exactly how many students are fighting to buy form like this?

We’ve forgotten who the Minister for Education is (Do we have one?). But the person should kindly wake up from his or her slumber sometime this year.


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