The Nigerian Police Force Is Stepping Up Its Recruitment Game With Lie Detector Tests

August 24, 2016
Nigeria’s Police Service Commission is currently looking to add 10,000 new recruits to the current 370,000 policemen in the Nigerian Police Force.

According to a statement by the Nigerian Police regarding its recruitment, it won’t be business as usual in the Force.

Successful applicants to the Force will now be required to undergo lie detector tests, to ensure all applicants are not shady individuals.

This is great in so many ways, because we actually did not expect such initiative from the Nigerian Police.

So if you lied on your application, we are really, truly sorry for you; because unless you have strong juju, you’ll be caught.

Other compulsory tests will include background checks, biometrics, medical and physical examinations, aptitude tests as well as oral and psychological tests.

The NPF plans to make things easy for applicants; all Police Training Colleges across the country will be equipped to carry out the tests.

We hope the tests are effective and the Nigerian Police Force recruits policemen and women who will face their work and not be a pain in our necks.

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