People Made This Guy’s Birthday Memorable And It’s Just Too Much

March 31, 2017
Traditionally, we Nigerians have always seen mental health as something that shouldn’t be discussed openly, and for men, it’s an issue ‘society’ forbids them to even acknowledge because it’s not ‘manly’.

So a lot of people-men and women- continue to live with depression and severe stress because they can’ talk about their feelings

Recently, Allwell Orji, a medical doctor, committed suicide by jumping into the Lagos lagoon from the 3rd Mainland Bridge. There are speculations he may have been depressed.

But when this Twitter user posted about her brother being depressed, people reacted quite differently

The siblings are orphans and her brother was having a terrible birthday because he couldn’t celebrate

But people stepped up in the most amazing way to make his birthday fun

Someone sharply tried to order doughnuts for him

People sent him love, money and so many WhatsApp messages that his phone started to slow down

Is someone cutting onions nearby, because my eyes are tearing up

Who knew a little phone call could do so much?

People were not even playing!

Sometimes, it’s the little things we do that make a huge difference

If you can cheer someone up today, do it!

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