During his recent trip to the U.S, the Ooni of Ife visited the Redeemed Christian Church of God with his Olori.

However, this video of him singing ‘Jesus is my father’ just went viral and Nigerians had so much to say about it.

According to some, the Ooni of Ife should only propagate the religion of his ancestors.


They believe he should act as the custodian of Yoruba traditions and beliefs.


Will his actions have a negative impact on his subjects?

Because even the Pope will always represent the church.

Some think he was influenced by movies.


Some believe every Nigerian monarch should have the freedom to practice whatever religion they want.


Especially someone who was practicing his own religion before becoming the Ooni.


Should the Yoruba people move with the times and accept this change?

Is the outrage from Nigerians a double standard? Considering the fact that some Nigerians find the Yoruba traditional beliefs barbaric.

Can’t the Ooni be a Christian while propagating his own culture?

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