It is a fact, Nigerians on social media are savage and have zero chill. If you come for them, they will drag you all over the face of the Internet.

Which is what they are doing to a certain American singer.

So here’s what happened:

A couple days ago, this American singer, Pia Mia (not to be confused with Ota Pia Pia) released a song titled, “I’m a fan” with another singer, Jeremih.

The problem was, Phyno also had a song with the same title released in an album late last year.

Yes o. But that’s not all.

Pia Mia’s song was now very similar to Phyno’s song. In fact, eez like almost the same thing.

It’s very true o.

And naturally, when Nigerians found out they started shouting.


They first proved that something fishy was going on.

Then trolled the poor girl’s page and refused to leave.

They screamed “OLE!” from the rooftops.

And even followed Ota Pia…sorry Pia Mia on every social media platform in order to sufficiently DRAAAG her.

They even dragged poor Jeremih together with her.

But is it his fault? No be collaboration dem call am to collaborate?

But the funny thing with all of this dragging is that the song sef is not even really Phyno’s own.

Appaz, he collected the song from somebody.

Who now later sold it to Pia Mia.

You can read the whole thing here sha.

That is to say, Nigerians have just been shouting for nothing.

No wonder even Phyno sef no put mouth talk. E just put smiley face on top of Twitter as if to say e just dey observe.

Nigerians like to just drag people anyhow. That is how they dragged Naija Employers too:


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