In a recent study carried out by Bloomberg, Nigeria was ranked as the most stressful country in the world out of all 74 countries on the list.

The study considered factors such as GDP per capita, homicide rates, income inequality, unemployment, urban air pollution and life expectancy for the ranking.

Nigeria was number 1 as a result of high unemployment rate (23.9%) and the 70% stress level.

Hay God!

Before you start arguing, is there light in your house?

How long did you queue to buy the fuel in your generator? (that’s if there’s fuel inside sef).

Is your job paying you what you really deserve?

How many hours did you spend in traffic today?

Is the Boko Haram issue not enough cause for worry?

Abi FOREX isn’t affecting you in anyway. Let us know so we can come to your house since you’re no longer Nigerian.

The study has really shown all the wahala happening in the country to the world. We hope things will improve so Nigerians can go back to being one of the happiest groups of people in the world.


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