Remember the rescue story of 2 year old Hope who was accused of witchcraft and left for dead?

After Anja Ringgren Loven found him, Hope was hospitalised and treated for worms.

He was hospitalized immediately and was recuperating gradually under the watchful eye of her charitable organization and orphanage, African Children’s Aid Education And Development Foundation.

This rescue story reached many parts of the world and touched several hearts including a Norwegian Policeman.

Reading Hope’s story moved Djorn Druglimo and he started collecting football jerseys from his colleagues and willing donors for donation to the orphanage.

Two weeks ago, Hope was finally discharged from the hospital.

And was photographed playing with other children in the orphanage.

It is hard to believe he was the sickly child Anja rescued this year.

He looks really cute here.

In Anja’s recent Facebook post, she shared pictures of him playing and the reason she named him Hope.

“The day I carried this sweet little boy in my arms for the very first time I was so sure he would not survive. Every breath he took was a struggle and I did not want him to die without a name, without dignity, so I named him Hope Hope to me is a special name. Not only the meaning of Hope, but what it stands for. Many years ago I got the name HOPE tattooed on my fingers because to me it means: Help One Person Everyday ? HOPE”

It’s amazing to see him transform into a cute, healthy baby after going through such a horrible experience.



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