Check Out This Hilarious African Parody Of Rihanna’s Work Video!

March 11, 2016
Nigerians always find ways to make fun of random things and this is no different.

In this skit for Sahara TV, Nnenna and Ike created a parody of Rihanna’s “Work” music video.

This African version, is all about the typical Nigerian married couple.

Oluwadrake and Rihannachukwu quarrel about how under-appreciated they both make each other feel.

Of course, each side will claim to be right and not listen to the other side.

She says he doesn’t treat her right and he says he paid for her ticket to come to the U.S.

All he knows is work.

Working to make money for the two of them.

And all she knows is chop.

All she does is chop his money.

The lyrics are funny, but Rihannachukwu’s dancing is absolutely hilarious!

Watch the video below:

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