Ben Bruce Has Found A New Career On Social Media

April 8, 2016

Senator Ben Bruce is one of the most popular Nigerian politicians and businessmen on Twitter (His fingers are always at work).

When he’s not dropping fake deep quotes…

He’s starting a movement…

And failing at it of course, with his infamous book launch.

He goes on rant after rant.

And is now into trailer jamming.

And clapping back.

And giving sharp responses to anybody who dares to try him.

Hay God!

When the senator you voted for chooses a different career path in Twitter pettiness.

When you realise he takes time to actually screenshot the tweets and then trailer-jam.

When you wake up and realise Uncle Ben has started tweeting his “Common sense” tweets.

Maybe he should take his Twitter fingers to his constituency and put them to work.

We sha have few words. Uncle Ben, face your work abeg!!

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