If you happened to skip the topic, I’d fill you in. There is a picture currently disturbing the internet.

It’s a picture of Cardi b when she was a little kid.

“Okay, but why is this my business?” I’d tell you why.

It’s simply because this picture takes you right back to when you were younger.

It’s accurate in every sense you could possibly think of.

For example.

My mummy said I should tell you that..

..you must play with me.

Aunty, I should write the names of noise makers?


You were making noise.

That’s why I wrote your name.

Ahn ahn uncle but that’s not how they taught us in school.

Mummy I think my lesson teacher is teaching me rubbish.

My daddy said that when I enter secondary school.

He will buy phone for me.

Good afternoon ma,

My mummy said I should tell you that she’s not around.

Don’t tell mummy I brought a girl to the house o.

Okay brother.

Mummy welcome,

Uncle Ayo said I should not tell you that he brought a girl to the house.

Uncle Ayo, Mummy said you should change it to cartoon for me.

You’ve been watching ball since morning.


Please I want to go and wee wee?

They gave me injection in the hospital, I did not even cry.

It was not even painful

Ha! You’re telling lies.

All liars shall go to hell and perish in the lake of fire.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray my mummy will not die, I pray my daddy will not die, I pray my sister will not die, I pray my brother will not die, I pray my friends will not die, I pray my teacher will not die.

In Jesus’ name I’ve prayed.

Before we close, let’s say a prayer for Cardi as she has brought some joy to the internet with this picture.

Also, because she’s going to deliver her baby girl veryyyy soon.


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