The Nigeria vs Argentina march was tough for all of us.

We can easily say these are trying times for everyone in Nigeria, feeling everything so deeply you know.

We are all handling the situation differently, but however you are dealing with it, you definitely would have passed through these stages.

If you haven’t, then don’t come to Muritala Muhammed ever.

When that second goal by Rojo entered, you were like,

“This is a joke. I want to see the replay. I want to see the ball actually enter. Is that the side netting? Why are my trying to talk and my voice is not working? What’s going on here? These boys will score, I know it. Look at Ighalo. Is it truly over?” Denial is your name my fren.

When It eventually dawned on you that this was real life and absolutely no miracle could be performed. You were heartbroken.

“Ha my chest! God please do something, please. “They’re not giving us extra time?”

And then you start to watch replays, and listen to analysis, and your blood starts to boil.

This is so stupid, infact this entire World Cup is just annoying. What nonsense?! THIS REFEREE IS MAD. I BLAME BUHARI. GET YOUR PVC NOW.

Because you saw how much the boys tried and it hurt even more. You try to eat, but food is not entering your mouth.

Grown person like me? Cry because of ball? Wazzaldiz?

After blaming whoever you think deserves to be blamed, you come to the conclusion for the millionth time that there’s nothing you can do but live with it.

Ha! Let’s crack some jokes all over the Internet, shall we?

After all is said and done, you know the Super Eagle’s tried their best and Nigeria is still behind them.

First, we’re going to win the Nations Cup, and we’re going to show them pepper in Qatar 2022.

Did I forget to mention that Senegal is still in the tournament, so we have an African country to support?

My name is Eniola. Al-Hadj Eniola Mane.


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