And The World Cup Goes To…Africa!

July 16, 2018

We can all say that Croatia played the game of their lives against France. But the thing about football is this;

If you like play with your heart and soul, if the ball doesn’t enter the post, there’s no point.

So, Croatia might have played a great game, but France scored more goals. Now, what I have to say might sound a bit wild.

But I want to point out the fact that France didn’t really win the World Cup.

When half of your team consists of Africans, who does the cup really go to? Be honest o.

Africa? Yes! Africa. All of us.

I could decide to give an analysis of every single African player on that team.

But we are going to sleep here. I promise you.

The most important thing you need to know is that from Mbappe to Pogba to Kante and Lemar, Mendy, Matuidi, Rami, Umtiti, Mendy, N’zozi, and many others are all Africans.

Infact, Lemar is half Nigerian. I’m so emotional right now

So we can also say that somehow, Nigeria won this Cup too.

Oh, I’m so proud to be Nigerian.

Infact I’m sure if we dig deep, we would find out that Pelé has African genes somewhere somehow.

Just think about this, what is Pele in Yoruba? I won’t say more than that.

Let me tell you the bitter truth, it’s okay to disagree. But just know that almost every legend in the history of legends comes from some part of Africa.

I can start mentioning names, but I don’t want us to divert.

Let’s place our focus on what is important for today. Africa borrowed France the World Cup.

Not only are we skilled, we are also generous. Wow. A whole continent.

On a serious note, whether we like it or not, Qatar 2022, Nigeria is bringing that cup home. I’m saying it with my chest.

Okay maybe just half of my chest.

I think before we end this, it’s important that we congratulate France properly.

So dear France, congratulations.  You have done well.

But if you actually think Africa deserves all the accolades raise your hand.

Now let us know your reason below.

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