9 things that will surely happen this World Cup Season

June 14, 2018

The world cup officially kicks off today! And yes, we are all excited.

Okay, maybe not all of us

So, I have predicted some things that have a 99.9% chance of happening almost throughout the season. Are you with me?

You can personally come for me if I’m wrong.

The first and most obvious thing is that your boyfriend will pay less attention to you. We’re sorry, it’s just in the football constitution.

Baby can’t you hear me? I am talking to you. Baby? Boo? Babe?

If you’re a twitter addict who doesn’t like football, on behalf of the entire twitter community, I apologise in advance.

*opens twitter* “Ronaldo will finish Neymar any day”, “all of you are mad, Messi will kill all of you” *closes twitter*

If you’re invited for Netflix and chill, abort mission! I repeat, abort!

See, Netflix and chill will become World Cup and chill. You can risk it if you want.

You finally reach out to google for help. Because if you know about the World Cup, he can’t ignore you anymore.

“Dear google, who is going to win the World Cup?”

Meanwhile, your man is suddenly realising it’s been 4 whole years since the last World Cup.

Wawu how did I survive without you baby? how?

But somehow he is already making noise about the next World Cup that is 1000 years away ?

Uncle at least watch this one first

Let’s not forget the main point of this season. People losing money to bets.

Yes I know, I’m a fool! ha who sent me work ooo

And the ones who will enjoy the money the guys above lost

Don’t mess with me, do you know who I am?  Call me the bet king!

When the World Cup is finally over and somehow they remember you exist.

“Oh you can talk to me? I think you’re mad “

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