After the devil and Yoruba men, fitness trainers are the next top set of liars. They’ll lie to you with their full chest just to either make you do that extra exercise or to chop your money. If you’ve ever had a fitness trainer, below are seven lies you must have heard. 

1. “One more rep.”

The biggest lie of them all. One more, one more, and that’s how you’ve done 20 extra reps. Do they want to kill somebody?

2. “The scale doesn’t matter.” 

So why did you ask me to check my starting weight at the beginning? 

3. “You can do it!” 

No, I can’t o. I can’t! Whenever they say this phrase, it’s not because they believe you can actually do it. It’s their way of trying to ginger you to do an exercise that will almost kill you. And that’s what they want. To kill you. 

4. “No pain, no gain.”

Says who? Don’t you just want to slap them across the face when they say this? They think that by pushing you beyond your limits and lying to you while at it, you’ll work harder. Omo, once I begin to feel small pain, I run away. I can’t come and kill myself because of gain. Will gain take me to heaven?

5. “Last exercise.”

Every single exercise is the last exercise until you actually reach the original last one. It’s extra heartbreaking because these trainers will look you in the eye in your most vulnerable moment and assure you that that is your last workout, knowing fully well that it isn’t. After God, fear them.

6. “You’re gaining muscle.”

“You’re gaining muscle and losing fat. Muscle weighs more than fat, that’s why you’re not seeing changes yet.” Please stop lying to me. Which muscle are you seeing? Just say your program isn’t working.

7. “You’re losing weight.” 

Oga, what type of lie is this now? I’ve only been working out with you for three days, which weight did I lose? 


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