Citizen is a column that explains how the government’s policies fucks citizens and how we can unfuck ourselves.

In one week, young Nigerians have crowdfunded over ₦30 million to feed and fuel themselves as they speak and march with one voice on the need to end police brutality in Nigeria. And when the government tried to block those funds, they moved to digital currency.

How did an “indomie generation” lead and sustain Nigeria’s biggest uprising in 27 years? Let’s just say: “werey dey disguise.”

Look, this is not an article about Fintech, but about determination. 21-year-olds who didn’t watch Abacha on TV dissolve everything including cubes of sugar are tired of Nigeria. And what did they say when they finally got the chance to be on TV? “Buhari has been a bad boy!”

These are the times of our lives, and we must be on top of the lookout. 2023 elections is just around the corner, and in the words of FK Abudu aka EndSARS Harriet Tubman, “guys, we must apply pressure!” Remember 2015 and 2019, and look at how those decisions and indecisions have gotten us here. 

In the next three years, the current politicians will come begging for our votes. And we will have slept at Alausa for nothing If we don’t vote for the right people, our people, this time.

This is why Zikoko is here with Citizen. From now till Jesus comes, we will not look at politics, but at governance. We will look at the elections in Nigeria, and how it affects you as a citizen. The facts, the figures, the candidates, the political parties, the electoral body, we will check all of this, including how your voters card can work for you.

We won’t tell you what you should do. Neither will we confuse you with terms like “quantitative easing”. No, this is simply about how you can be armed with the knowledge needed to take back your power from undemocratic parties and unprogressive congresses.

2023 can make sense if you stay with Citizen. Because at the end of the day, one thing is certain: Nigeria is changing, and we can define what it becomes

Proof that Nigeria has changed:

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to unfuck yourself when the Nigerian government moves mad. Check back every weekday for more Zikoko Citizen explainers.



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