Last week, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our dear country whom we love so much. Unfortunately, the love has remained unreciprocated for most of our lives. Not only does it remain unreciprocated, it actually tries to kill you. Read on to find some of the ways your dear country, Nigeria, tries to kill you every day.

1. Roads

Nigerian roads remain deathtraps, despite constant budegtary allocations to them. 

What Does This Photo Tell You About Nigerian Roads? - Politics - Nigeria

2. Hospitals 

If you manage to survive the accident, then the hospitals might finish the job.

At LUTH, patients say it's healthcare with tears | The Guardian Nigeria  News - Nigeria and World NewsFeatures — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria  and World News

3. Banks

You might think you’re safe if you don’t have an accident, but you can literally die anywhere.

How Nigerians defied govt's directives on first day of COVID-19 lockdown  ease (Videos) | Ripples Nigeria

4. Minding your business

You could be heading home and have a truck fall on you.

Two dead, as container-laden truck falls on bus in Lagos

5. Schools

You think “At least my kids are safe”? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Three-storey school building collapses in Lagos - Businessday NG

6. Buildings

Any building you enter in Nigeria could be your last.

One killed as bank's building collapses in Lagos | Premium Times Nigeria

7. Even when you’re looking for a job

Remember the 2014 Immigration Recruitment Tragedy?

Recruitment tragedy: 'NIS is liable' - Vanguard News

8. At home

Really. Nigeria’s failures could kill you anywhere.

Generator fume kills family of four in Kogi | The Guardian Nigeria News -  Nigeria and World NewsNigeria — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and  World News

9. In the air

Nigeria has had more air crashes in the last two decades than you can count on one hand.

Why so many planes crash in Nigeria | The World from PRX

10. Police

Who better to kill you than the people charged with protecting you?

Police in Anambra shoots two to death over enforcement movement restrict

11. The Armed Forces

It appears the armed forces is more adept at killing citizens than actual foreign threats.

Military, Shiite Muslims Clash in Nigeria -

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