Vistanium, in collaboration with Zikoko and *IYKYK, is launching HundredGood, a yearly curation of hundred good things that happened in Africa and made our world better in big and small ways.

What good things happened in Africa this year? Visit to find out.
We’re talking about the good things we experienced this 2022 on Twitter today!

We consume so much information, and most times, it’s about how bad things are or will be. Our reality can get despondent, but we believe it’s not all bad there’s a healthy balance in shining a light on the good things.

The world might be burning, but people are putting out those fires. HundredGood is about why their efforts matter, and how it makes the world better.

The list covers all the good stuff happening in policy and development, science and innovation, entertainment and culture, and so much more.

To put HundredGood together, we assembled a team of researchers, set up a framework for what we defined as good and went scouring for good news. What the jury has come up with, and why, is available at

For the first curation of this list, we’re focused on Africa and actions tied to people of African nationality across the world. Join our Twitter Space at 8 PM WAT on Saturday, 31st December 2022, as we talk about the good things we experienced in 2022.

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