According to Healthline, choking falls under erotic asphyxiation, a relatively risky form of sexual activity which involves “intentionally cutting off the air supply for you or your partner” with the intention of heightening sexual arousal.

So, I decided to ask Nigerians how they feel about choking and getting choked during sex. From someone who saw their life flash before their eyes to someone who says it’s an essential part of sex, here are seven of the most interesting answers we got.

Ebuka, 27/Male/Straight 

Choking is essential. If my hands are not wrapped around the babe’s neck during sex, what the hell am I meant to do with them? The azonto? In my experience, most babes are really into it as long as the sex is good. Sometimes they even choke me back, and that’s hot as fuck. 

Sharon, 24/Female/Straight

Someone almost killed me on top choking oh. I am sexually curious, so I typically allow my partners to explore with me. I also always go for muscular men, so imagine my horror when this huge man grabbed my neck during sex — on my first time getting choked.

At first, I calmed down and thought, “Oh! This is kinda kinky.” Next thing, I couldn’t breathe. I tried to ignore it and get comfortable, but it only got worse. When I tried to fight his hand off, his orgasm started building and his grip became stronger. My life flashed before my eyes oh.

He released me immediately he came, but omo, I was already seeing heaven. I was incapacitated for the rest of the day. Now, when I hook up with a kinky partner and they try to choke me, I get on top and choke them first. Let them see how it’s done. Ani se oloriburu ejo. 

Charles, 29/Male/Straight 

I like choking my partners when I can see they’re enjoying it, but the first time a woman choked me back was a total mess. As she grabbed my neck, my claustrophobia kicked in, and I had a full panic attack mid mekwe. I will probably try again soon, but that experience is still fresh in my mind.

Bimbo, 32/Female/Bisexual 

The first time I ever got choked was interesting. I had just started having sex and it was still painful, so I wasn’t enjoying it. Then he started choking me as we fucked, and I instantly got wet and relaxed. I knew right there and then it was sex that was going to kill me. Now, I choke and get choked.

James, 34/Male/Bisexual

The first person that choked me was a babe with big hands. It was hot at first, but after a while, I could feel my eyeballs bulging. Toxic masculinity didn’t allow me to complain, so I just decided that if I died there, so be it. After surviving that, I now only allow people with small hands to choke me.

Dami, 23/Female/Pansexual

I like choking and getting choked, but only one person has ever choked me properly. People are always too nervous to apply enough pressure for it to count. No matter how many times I tell them to squeeze down, they only do it properly for like ten seconds before chickening out.

Then there are the ones who just do it all wrong — crushing your windpipe instead of cutting off blood flow. Like, damn, I want to be lightheaded, not coughing like I have malaria. So, now, I just stick to doing the choking. I prefer choking men, but I take whatever I can get. 

Obi, 28/Male/Straight

I like women who take control. When they choke me, I feel like I’m being dominated and that really turns me on. I have a thing for powerful, dominant women, so the appeal of choking for me is definitely a power thing. 



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