17 Tweets from The ‘Things I Longthroat For’ Hashtag That Every Nigerian Can Relate To

Over the weekend, Nigerians share what they would love to have or do. These are the ones that we all want.

1. Ministerial position.

2. Free WIFI.

3. Academy Award winning movie shot in Naija.


4. Fashion label.

5. To get married.

6. Stop being told to get married.

7. To get back our girls.

8. No child marriages.


9. Ewa agoyin all day, everyday.

10. 4th Mainland Bridge.

11. The ultimate music collaboration.

12. Be connected to the richest men in Naija.

13. A faithful boo.

14. No more wrong subtitles in Yoruba movies.

15. Stop receiving robo-messages.

16. Money for Christmas.

17. Have a job and no more NYSC.

We can achieve it!!!

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