Even if you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you have heard of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Reunion, which has been taking place over the last few weeks. The reunion episodes are meant to walk us through the drama, emotions, and shenanigans that the Big Brother Naija contestants went through during their time on the show and after. Let’s just say they have been heavy on the drama.

Today, we are ranking the top five most entertaining contestants from the Big Brother Naija lockdown reunion show. These five contestants have had us on the edge of our seats for the entirety of the reunion episodes either through their dramatic reveals, their willingness to spill tea, and sometimes, willingness to physically throw down.

5. Lucy

Lucy has been mostly calm for the entirety of the reunion. However, things got a little heated when Ka3na came for her with claims about Lucy not being a good friend. What secured Lucy’s spot on this list has to be an argument with Kaisha that turned physical when Kaisha threw a pillow at her and she decided to beat the living daylight out of Kaisha. By the time they were separated, Lucy’s wig was in her hand, which she waved threateningly at Kaisha.

4. Tolani Baj

Tolani Baj came into the reunion with big bad bitch energy. Her rants, however, haven’t quite given the same energy. She has made for great TV, though, especially as we watched her come hard for Vee, resulting in one of the best one-on-one arguments of the reunion show.

3. Kaisha

Kaisha didn’t last very long on the Big Brother Naija show. She was evicted early but somehow has tea on everyone. During her first reunion appearance, Kaisha came in ready to give it to everyone as she pulled receipts to show whenever anyone tried to lie. She checked Kiddwaya when he claimed that he didn’t brag about his family’s wealth in the house. She also checked Neo when he claimed to not have made moves on her. Sadly, Kaisha tried to check Lucy but got her ass beat on national television. We haven’t seen her since. Rumour has it she hasn’t recovered from the fight. We miss her.

2. Tochi

For the most part, this reunion has been screaming matches between the contestants and we can’t help but notice how often Tochi gets dragged into them. His arguments are often about very weird issues like wanting to be greeted first by Dorathy or small food rations with Ka3na and Lucy. The longer an argument goes on, the louder Tochi seems to get. Plus his fashion choices have been very interesting.

1. Ka3na

Ka3na who was only in the Big Brother Naija House for two weeks but managed to have beef with almost every housemate. No one knows quite how she did it or even managed to retain the passion for all the beef considering how little time was in the house and how much time has passed since then. When we last checked, she had beef with Prince for saying he would never want to sleep with. She then went on to sleep with him to prove an insane point. She also has issues with Lucy, for reasons we don’t entirely understand. She also had an issue with Laycon because he didn’t reply to her comments on social media. For what it is worth, Ka3na has made the reunion worth tuning into every day because of her consistency with giving us the drama we need. ALL HAIL THE BOSS LADY!



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