There’s no other or better way to put it: P-Square was iconic. The musical duo may have split now but back in the day, they gave us hit after hit.

Today we are ranking a few of their most iconic songs.


This song was what you call a moment. It was essentially a homage to the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, so it involved a lot of Michael Jackson-esque moves particularly from the smooth criminal era. This song – and accompanying video – had more than a few cringe moments but all around it was a bop.

Miss U Die

They don’t make bops like this anymore. God will bless whoever broke the P-Square brothers’ heart because that heartbreak gave us this iconic bop. I think this is easily one of their best songs.

Beautiful Onyinye

Where Miss U Die is a sad, I-miss-you song and all, Beautiful Onyinye is sort of a celebration of love. I loved this particular era of P-Square because they were sort of sitting at this intersection of pop and RnB and it was so good. I just feel bad for all the girls that were named Onyinye during this era.

Bizzy Body

Is this one of the best Nigerian songs from the early 2000s? I kind of think so. It is that good. And I think the best part is that it works as a club banger and a song you listen to and enjoy all by yourself and not many songs are that versatile.

Do Me

When I think ‘P-Square’ this is the song that comes to mind. This, I feel, is the ultimate P-Square banger. It is a bop and a half. It is so well-written, so well-delivered and is utterly iconic in every single way. If this isn’t at the top of your P-Square list then you, my darling, are a liar or just lacks taste.


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